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Corporate Governance and Risk Management - ERMA Asia Pacific Risk Management Conference 2011


In his presentation at the ERMA Asia Pacific Risk Management Conference 2011, Dr. Maassen is referring to a number of (open-source) materials. The presentation and links to supporting documentation are available on this website.

Integrated Risk Management: Implementation Guide

Dr. Maassen refers to a document published by the Canadian Government: Integrated Risk Management: Implementation Guide.

It is practical and useful guide for Executives, Board of Directors and risk management professionals.

The guide is available in the public domain and can be used by organizations free of charge. This sets aside this guide from proprietary risk management standards which are not available for free on the Internet.


This guide provides practical advice to those leading and facilitating implementation of
integrated risk management in their organizations. It will be useful as well in increasing
understanding and collaboration where needed. Risk champions familiar with the
IRMF can look to the guide for what to do next. The guide is also a reference tool for
assessing progress and identifying gaps in organizations where integrated risk
management is already underway.

Integrated Risk Management: 2004 Implementation Guide

A new Framework for the Management of Risk (the Framework) is effective as of August 27, 2010.

The Framework will be supported by learning resources, which will replace the Treasury Board Integrated Risk Management Framework (2001) and the Integrated Risk Management Implementation Guide (2004).


You can download the 2010 framework and 2004 the guide at the bottom of this article where you find more documents and the presentation.


From the Implementation Guide:

Following the introductory material and tips for getting started, the guide is divided into four sections, reflecting the four elements of the IRMF (Integrated Risk Management Framework):

  • Developing the Corporate Risk Profile;
  • Establishing an Integrated Risk Management Function—Integrating Risk Management into Existing Decision–making Processes and Reporting;
  • Practising Integrated Risk Management; and
  • Ensuring Continuous Risk Management Learning.

For ease of reference, these sections contain common sub-sections offering practical advice and examples:

  • The Fundamentals. What every organization needs to establish the particular IRMF element under discussion.
  • How to Do It. Approaches, practices, tools, and processes based on what has worked for organizations in the process of implementing integrated risk management.
  • Questions to Consider. What to consider in tailoring integrated risk management implementation to reflect the unique characteristics (mandate, readiness, size) of the organization, its culture, and its work environment.
  • Examples. Cases to illustrate how organizations implemented integrated risk management and sources of additional information, tools, techniques, and templates to help to get started and address issues and challenges as implementation proceeds.

Corporate Governance Codes

The corporate governance codes used in Dr. Maassen's presentation at the ERMA Asia Pacific Risk Management Conference 2011 are available below. If you are interested in a complete overview of corporate governance codes, please visit the repository maintained by the ECGI.

Overview Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate
Governance Codes (2010-2011)

Some codes were not analyzed because they were drafted for specific sectors and/or were not available in English. Codes were analyzed as of 30 September, 2011.

Links to documents

The presentation refers to several documents. Below are the links to the documents on the Internet:

Download the codes, the presentation and other documents

The presentation key will be made available to conference participants in December 2011!



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License Text - Integrated Risk Management: Implementation Guide

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