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USAID Branding Guidelines

Each USAID project, whether it is implemented under a contract or cooperative agreement, is (under most circumstances) required to follow branding guidelines. USAID's framework legislation, the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, section 641, requires that all programs under the Foreign Assistance Act be identified appropriately overseas as "American Aid."

ADS Chapter 320 on Branding and Marking provides extensive guidance on the implementation of USAID’s branding and marking requirements. This means placing stickers on USAID assets and following branding guidelines for websites, letterheads and even business cards. 

.... since 9/11, America's foreign assistance programs have been more fully integrated into the United States' National Security Strategy. This elevation to the so-called "third-D" (development being added to diplomacy and defense) increased the need for U.S. foreign assistance activities to be more fully identified in the host country as being provided "from the American People." We have been identified as "America's good-news story" and have been tasked to make our efforts more visible and better known in the countries where we work.

Source: www.usaid.gov

The branding guidelines are available on the USAID website.

The site also contains useful Word templates for fact sheets, first person stories, factsheets, press statements, before and after case studies, etc. More information is available here.

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