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Glossary of Terms Used for USAID's Automated Directives System (ADS) - Updated 07/15/2011 Partial Revision

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Term Definition
Approving Officer

The person, usually a supervisor, responsible for administering leave for employees in a work unit (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 480).

Approving Official

The approving official is the individual responsible for reviewing an Agency bank card holder's monthly statements. The approving official will certify the cardholder's monthly statements and ensure that payments are for purchases which are authorized and made in accordance with FAR and agency regulations (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 331).

Approving Officials

Chiefs, Personnel Operations Division (M - HR - POD) and Executive Management (M - HR - EM) Office of Human Resources, and Director, Office of Resources Management, Inspector General (IG - RM) (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 482).


Automated space management system used to manage the allocation of space in the Ronald Reagan Building (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 517).

Area Of Consideration

The area in which Agency management makes a search for eligible candidates in a specific promotion action. The primary area of consideration is USAID - Washington (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 418).

Armored Vehicle

An armored vehicle is an official vehicle that has been modified to carry specific types of opaque and transparent protective material. The armor systems are designed to defeat multiple impacts of ballistic rounds. The armor is designed for placement in the vehicle without noticeably changing its outward appearance. Armored vehicles are either light or fully armored (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 562, 563).


The value of interest and principal payments owed but not paid on a delinquent loan (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 219).


Accrual Reporting System. USAID - W-based financial system used to gather Phoenix obligations for Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) obligations and contract information to estimate USAID - W accruals (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 631).

Assessable Unit

An organization unit within USAID, i.e Mission, Bureau, or Office, which is required to submit a statement of reasonable assurance on the status of management controls to the next management level. All Missions, Bureaus, and Independent Offices are assessable units, as well as any lower-level organizational units designated by the cognizant Bureau (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 596).


Tangible or intangible items owned by USAID that would have probable economic benefits that can be obtained or controlled by a USAID entity (source: SFFAS 6) (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 629).

Assignment Commission

Definitions for terms in this chapter are located in 3 FAM 2430 (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 435).

Assignment Restriction

Any factor (medical, personnel, suitability, security, marriage, cohabitation, etc.) that would render the assignment of an individual to a particular position or location as not in the best interest of the U. S. Government or USAID (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 566).

Assignment Right

The right of a competing group I or II employee, with a current annual performance rating of record of Level 2 or higher, to be offered placement in another competitive position for which that employee qualifies and which requires no reduction, or the least possible reduction, in representative rate in lieu of separation or furlough in a RIF situation (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 452).


Financial support to accomplish a public purpose, including grants, cooperative agreements and other agreements in the form of money, or property in lieu of money, by the Federal Government to an eligible recipient. The term does not include technical assistance, the provision of services instead of money. other assistance in the form of loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies, or insurance. direct payments of any kind to individuals, or contracts which are required to be entered into and administered under procurement laws and regulations (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 303, 304).

Assistance Agreement

A bilateral obligating document under which sub-obligations may be made for contracts, grants and cooperative agreements. It sets forth a mutually agreed upon understanding between USAID and the host government of the time frame, results expected to be achieved, means of measuring those results, resources, responsibilities, and contributions of participating entities for achieving a clearly defined objective.

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