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Glossary of Terms Used for USAID's Automated Directives System (ADS) - Updated 07/15/2011 Partial Revision

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Term Definition

The individual responsible for discharging the financial management aspects of Mission operations. The Controller, who reports directly to the Mission Director, also provides advice and assistance to the Mission Director and other Mission officials with respect to financial practices and procedures applicable to program implementation (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 527).


The formal administrative procedure through which the Agency presents evidence to the Office of Workers' Compensation Program challenging an employee's claim (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 442).

Convenience Files

Convenience files consist of extra non-record copies of correspondence, forms, and other papers, kept solely to satisfy a particular reference need (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 502).


Conversion moves an employee without a break in service from one personnel appointment to another personnel appointment in the same agency (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 470).

Coop Team

The full complement of preselected USAID personnel identified to fill the COOP staffing plan (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 531).

Cooperating Country (See Also Host Country And Local Country)

The country receiving the USAID assistance (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 305, 322, 495). - cooperating country means the same as host country. (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 495).

Cooperating Country National (Ccn) Employees

An individual - employee who is a cooperating country citizen or a non-cooperating country citizen lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the cooperating country. For the purpose of this chapter, CCN employees are the same as FSN employees. NOTE FSN is the most widely used terminology to describe non-U.S. citizen employees (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 495).

Cooperative Agreement

A legal instrument used where the principal purpose is the transfer of money, property, services or anything of value to the recipient in order to accomplish a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by Federal statute and where substantial involvement by USAID is anticipated (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 304).


Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 318).

Copyrighted Materials

Materials that have had a copyright placed upon them. A copyright is the collection of rights relating to the reproduction, distribution, performance and so forth of original works. The copyright owner has the exclusive right to do, or allow others to do, the acts set out the owners copyright (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 545).

Core Equipment

M - IRM defines core equipment as Local Area Network (LAN) and UNIX servers, Network Operating System Software and Options Peripheral Devices attached directly to a server, such as disks, tape drives and CD Drives, Network Concentrators and Wiring Components, and High Speed Printers (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 546).

Core Financial System

A core financial system may perform all financial functions, including general ledger management, funds management, payment management, receivable management, and cost management. The core financial system is the system of record that maintains all transactions resulting from financial events (OMB Circular A-127).

Core Hours

The time periods of the workday during which an employee covered by a flexible work schedule is required by the Agency to be present for work or on approved leave. Agency core hours are 9:30 a.m. To 11:30 a.m, and 1:30 p.m. To 3:45 p.m (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 479).

Core Member

A member of an assistance objective (AO). Team carrying out a specific U.S. governmental function for that AO (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 200-203).

Core Team

Term no longer used (See assistance objective (AO). Team).

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