Monitoring and Evaluation

Developmentwork.Net maintains a searchable database of audit reports. The purpose of the "Audit Database Project" is to provide a systemic overview of lessons learned from hundreds of programs that have been funded by USAID and MCC.

The audit reports and the recommendations are a useful resource for compliance and risk management officers with reference to ADS, CFR, AIDAR, etc. The repository of recommendations for project compliance with USAID regulations is a practical tool to prepare Chiefs of Party, Program Managers, COTRs and others for OIG audits.

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26 Verify and document reported results periodically for PMP - (ADS) 203.3.4 - ADS 596, Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control
27 Performance Management Plan Needs to Be Improved - ADS 203.3.3 - ADS
28 Verify Reported Data - ADS 303.2
29 Management of Performance Data Needs to Be Improved - ADS
30 Performance Management Plan Was Not Updated ADS 203.3
31 Partners Set Unrealistic Targets for Development Programs - ADS 200.2 - ADS 203
32 Performance Targets Set Too Low - ADS
33 Too Much Credit Claimed for the Results Achieved - ADS
34 Improve Reporting on Activities - USAID’s guidance for the FY 2009 Performance Plan and Report (PPR)
35 Fiscal Year [...] Performance Management Plan Not Developed - ADS 203.3.3 - USAID’s Performance Management Toolkit
36 An Evaluation May Help Determine Program Impact - ADS 203.3.6
37 Reported Results Are Not Useful for Program Management - ADS - ADS - ADS
38 Field Activities Do Not Correlate Well With Program Indicators - ADS - ADS
39 Strengthen Data Reporting - ADS - USAID’s Performance Management Toolkit
40 Data Collection and Reporting Did Not Always Yield Useful Information - ADS 203.
41 Program Targets Were Not Clearly Defined - ADS 203
42 Data Reported for a Key Indicator Were Not Consistent With the Indicator Definition - ADS 203
43 Some Reported Results Were Not Reliable - ADS 203
44 Impact Indicators Were Not Measured - ADS 203.3.2 - ADS
45 Data Quality Assessment Recommendations Were Not Fully Implemented - ADS
46 The Reliability of Performance Data Is Unknown - ADS 202.3.6 - USAID’s Performance Management Toolkit
47 Reporting on Key Indicators Needs to Be Improved - ADS
48 Performance Targets Were Not Disaggregated by Gender - ADS 200.5
49 Performance Indicators and Targets Are Inappropriate Measures of Program Progress - (ADS) - ADS
50 Inaccurate Performance Data Reported - ADS - ADS - Government Performance and Results Act of 1993

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