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Implementing Partner Need to Adhere to Branding and Marking Policy - ADS 320.3.1 - ADS 320.3.2.4

According to ADS 320.3.1, USAID employees must ensure that the applicable branding and marking policy directives and procedures are included in the instruments USAID uses to implement development assistance programs and projects.

ADS 320.3.2.4 generally requires Marking Plans to be incorporated in USAID direct contracts to ensure that programs, projects, activities, public communications, or commodities prominently display the USAID identity. ADS 320.3.1 also states that to comply with the general requirement that USAID-funded foreign assistance be branded and marked, employees involved in program implementation must ensure that USAID implementing partners communicate that the assistance is from the American people.

ADS 320.3.2.5 provides for exceptions to contract marking requirements, and ADS 320.3.2.6 addresses waivers to contract marking requirements.

General Recommendations

  • Require Implementing Partner to Adhere to Branding and Marking Policy.

Source: AUDIT REPORT NO. 7-685-10-005-P March 15, 2010

The recommendations are derived from audit reports of the Office of the Inspector General. The source refers to the audit report, which is available on this site as part of the Audit Database Project: an educational tool for compliance with USAID regulations.  Please see the disclaimer of this site before using recommendations.

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