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This folder contains descriptions and materials of (under) graduate university courses  (company law, risk management, corporate governance and business administration).

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European Institute of Public Administration


European Institute of Public Administration

International Corporate Governance Strategy and Performance


Corporate governance is a field that concentrates on the relationship between boards of directors, stockholders, top management, regulators, auditors and other stakeholders of corporations. Of importance to this program is the recognition that boards of directors are essential to most systems of corporate governance. The board has the responsibility to ensure that corporations comply with modern ethical and economic standards and that management is accountable to financiers and shareholders. To understand the role of boards of directors in this process, the principles of corporate governance are discussed in this high-level course from economic, legal and financial perspectives. The program builds on many practical and recent examples of corporate governance (business irregularities and the 2008-2009 credit crises) in Anglo-Saxon, Continental-European and Asian financial markets.

This practical program focuses on participants using corporate governance as a means for companies to attract investments and reduce risks. To understand the internal corporate governance structure of corporations, participants work with tools available to improve the corporate governance structure of corporations. The program is particularly of interest to participants who would like to reflect on corporate governance practices of listed companies by understanding the latest international developments. The presentations are designed to encourage participation and debate of real life cases.

Introduction to Business Course


This practical but intensive course provides an overview of management skills and offers participants an opportunity to apply business tools through a series of projects, case studies, presentations, group assignments and the development of business plans.

The course presents principles of management of small and medium-sized enterprises in a very straightforward and accessible manner, focusing on developing skills participants need to be successful managers and leaders.

Introduction to International Securities Markets


The project was developed in co-operation with three Macedonian universities and involved faculties of Law, Public Administration, Economics and Business Administration of the Universities of Skopje, Bitola and the SEE University in Tetovo. The aim of the project was to foster academic cooperation on a national and European level and to assist in the implementation of the Bologna Process in Macedonia.

The Winter University brought together national, regional and international professors for two weeks, providing 9 (ECTS) courses. The project included workshops, training programs and study visits for local faculty. We have posted the model on our website because of its innovative approach to academic education in developing countries. Its relatively low costs enable replication in many other countries.

Law Faculty Methodius University


Law Faculty Methodius University

SEE University


This course (4 ECTS) has been developed for graduate and undergraduate students at economic faculties of universities in developing countries.

The program involves participation of the private sector, training of staff of the host university and practical application of theoretical concepts. A tailored version of the course was taught at at SEE University in Tetovo, Macedonia.

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