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Audit of USAID/Ecuador’s Alternative Development Program

Country: Ecuador
Fiscal Year: 2009
Agency: USAID
Audit Report Available: No

Ecuador is vulnerable to the risks and impacts of a coca/cocaine economy because of poverty, a limited government presence in some areas, and the country’s location between two of the world’s leading coca/cocaine-producing countries. In the border areas especially, threats include narcotics and coca cultivation, increased paramilitary-guerrilla violence and narcotics-related crime, enlarged flows of refugees and displaced persons, money laundering, and increased problems of trafficking in persons.

USAID/Ecuador’s $16.8 million alternative development program is designed to limit the appeal of illicit activities by strengthening the ability of local governments to promote economic and social development in Ecuador’s six northern border Provinces.

This audit will (1) determine whether the program is achieving planned results, (2) assess the program’s impact, and (3) examine the completeness and accuracy of USAID/Ecuador’s reporting on the program.

Source:  Office of Inspector General ANNUAL PLAN FISCAL YEAR 2009

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